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MSE Consultants was established on 1st January 1983; the Principals are Alec Chew and John Lim. Both partners have more than four decades of practical experience in the design and administration of various civil and structural engineering works.

Previous projects undertaken by the partners range from flyovers, water supply schemes, low cost housing, hotels, hospitals, churches and high rise condominiums to various residential, institutional, commercial buildings and industrial complexes. The firm also offers management services to contractors undertaking private and government projects.

Since 2000, a consortium of association has been formed with world renowned engineering firm of Precast Design Consultants to serve a wider spectrum of clientele requiring various engineering consultation and management services. The ultimate aim is to give excellence of service to our clientele.


Design is a blend of science and art. To integrate these combinations, it is essential to have a good understanding of the materials available, its structural behaviour when undergoing construction process, the construction techniques to be employed, building costs and site constraints. The art of producing an economical, functional, durable and yet safe structure, pleasing to the eye, is the ultimate success of the design process.

However, the management techniques and rapport with the builders to foresee any construction problems ahead cannot be overlooked either. It will not only enhance the working relation between builders and consultants but also clients and builders; for a smooth realization of the project on time.


It is our philosophy and practice to design according to the clients’ specific needs; be it a fast speedy occupation of the project or an economical design, with or without time restraint.

A successful project is the pride of the Client; an Achievement of Satisfaction to all who are involved.

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Our design team consists of a consortium of experienced civil and structural engineers conversant in various aspects of engineering ranging from the design of multi-storey concrete and structural steel buildings, prestressed structures, bridges, wharves, jetties, deep basement, flyovers, M.R.T., and hyperbolic structures to management of projects, feasibility reports and structural investigations.

The majority of them are practicing engineers whilst some are safety design engineers. The team compliments each other both academically and practically in design and construction.

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